• A Few Helpful Tips for Finding a Reliable Painter

    August 18, 2016 | Advice | Scott
  • reliable-painterDeciding to have a property renovated, regardless of the extensiveness of the project, should never be something to take lightly. From installing fittings and fixtures, all the way to preparing a bare wall for a fresh coat of paint – every aspect should receive ample attention. At Eastern Suburbs Painting, we know just how much of an impact a good painter can have on an interior design project.

    We promise some of the finest services in Melbourne, but for those of you that might be considering your options as far as hiring a painter is concerned, you might be wondering what types of traits to look for in your service provider. That’s why we’ve put this list together, simply to help you to narrow down your choices and find the ideal expert for your needs.

    Advice from a painter, for finding a painter – it doesn’t get much more effective than that.

    Locality is key

    If you live in Melbourne, then it won’t make much sense to look for a painting and decorating agency in Sydney, Perth, or Queensland. There’s nothing to say that you couldn’t search a little further afield, but by doing so, you’ll be welcoming a host of travel charges, as well as the potential for a delayed project.

    We’re talking really local

    It makes much more sense to hire an expert that’s close to where your project needs to be undertaken. This could be your home, office, or any type of commercial property – but as long as your painter can promise to be with you on time and without delay, you’ll be able to trust that your project will get off to a flying start.

    Don’t overlook the cost

    There are some painters that consider their services worthy of a palace, whilst others are a little more down to earth and understand that a fair price is much more important than an ego. We like to say that we fall into this latter category – and we’re sure that our clients would agree. A great price and a superb result can speak for themselves.

    Enthusiasm is a plus

    Is there anything more uncomfortable than hiring a service provider, only to have to deal with them being awkward and possibly a little rude on the day? You’re welcoming these experts into your homes and paying them for their expertise, so the least that they can do is show a little enthusiasm. We understand this more than most, in fact our friendly demeanour is something that we prioritise – and when paired with our professional attitude, you have an award winning combo every time.