• Perfecting the Look and Feel of Your Home’s Walls

    July 20, 2016 | Advice | Scott
  • Most of us will live happily alongside the colour schemes within our homes, but there might be times where you walk into a room that’s had the same hues and tones for years, only to find yourself wishing that you could mix things up a bit. Creating a unique living area that emanates style and comfort isn’t always easy – especially with the sheer volume of things that you may need to consider before you even start.

    From the colour of the curtains all the way to the position of furniture; if you rush into a decoration project without thinking things through, then you might end up regretting the results. Any good painter will be able to tell you that rather than starting with the features of a room, you should take a step back and think about the colour of your walls first.

    Why the walls?

    painted-wallWhat many people don’t realise is that light actually travels inwards, as opposed to outwards. When we say this, we mean that where you might think that the furniture and fittings are what really finish a room, it’s actually the parts that are furthest away that help to complete a style. These parts are your walls and regardless of their size, depth, or even the material that they’ve been made of – if their colour isn’t as complementary as it could be, then you could end up feeling uncomfortable.

    Your walls are more than just part of your home – they are actually frames that can encase all of the belongings within any given area. Take this advice from a painter; always give your walls the respect that they deserve – especially where interior design is concerned. Whether you’re preparing to renovate a living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even a hallway, the first thing that you will typically need to do is clear the space of all extremities.

    Chairs, mirrors and even shoes will be removed from the location and placed somewhere neat and out of the way. And why is this? It’s not just so that they don’t get covered in paint – it actually has a lot more to do with being able to address the colour scheme of an empty space, before adding its features.

    As painters, we aren’t always given the option to remove items and property, and that’s why we’ll cover furniture over. Of course, part of it is to protect these goods from splashes and drips, but it’s also to be able to appreciate the true beauty of a smooth, clean wall space. Consider this the foundation for an effective renovation.

    But they’re just walls, right?

    Yes and no. They are certainly walls and their sole responsibility is to provide structural support to the upper and lower parts of a property. But they are also frames; not that dissimilar to photo frames. Where these smaller versions are used to captivate a particular scene or photograph – your walls should act to perfectly house everything inside of a room.

    A great colour scheme and clean style can work wonders, so much so that even if you were to spend thousands of dollars on the latest gadgets and expensive furnishings – none of it would matter if your walls were bare, plain, or dull in comparison. This is why we take such pride in our painting services and when we walk away from a project, you can rest assured that everything will have been handled as professionally as possible.