• Residential Painting

  • Over the past 25 years, we’ve learnt just how important it is to provide a world class painting service that can cater to properties of all sizes. Your home should be a place that you love to come back to and if you’re feeling like the colour scheme, style and aesthetics aren’t quite as enjoyable as you’d like them to be, then you could definitely benefit from a quick painting project.

    From the inside of your living room all the way to the exterior of your property (and even your garage!) – we use the finest materials, the most effective tools and a host of experience to ensure that your home’s paintjob looks even better than you ever expected.

    We won’t just rush in and tackle your walls like there’s no tomorrow; we’ll evaluate all areas that could do with a coat of paint, present you with a selection of colour schemes, tones and hues to choose from and then set about painting flawless layers that will last for years.

    Based in Eastern Melbourne, we’re proud to offer our services to all residents in the region and when choosing us, it won’t just be a local expert that you’ll be investing in; it will also be a friendly, professional service provider that promises the highest quality results, every time.